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Trends in Tracking Ureteral Stents in Healthcare The SearchLite recently completed a Market Discovery Challenge to understand the current practices adopted by healthcare institutions and clinics to track ureteral stents within patients. The goal of the study was to understand  trends in digital healthcare solutions, insurance payers and clinic directors for a digital software solution to track implants as well as identify potential commercialization partners. The scope of the study included 15 industry expert interviews and extensive secondary research, online discussion forum engagement, surveys and final report synthesis and analysis.

source site Based on the key findings, The SearchLite discovered that there is no organized system currently employed in the market for patients and clinicians to track retained ureteral stents. Moreover, several complications arise due to extended retained stents as a consequence of missed follow up by the patient. New software IT applications face resistance to adoption due to ergonomic limitations as well as industry inertia to new technologies.. Pilot studies are very useful to demonstrate effectiveness of a new technology. Endorsements from larger healthcare organizations also help the likelihood of  insurance companies to adopt these technologies into their insurance coverage policies. This report is being provided as an exclusive courtesy to the industry experts who volunteered their time to speak with The SearchLite directly and offered their perspectives on emerging trends, challenges and opportunities.  We hope that you find the report useful and want to extend our thanks to all who generously donated their time and expertise.

If you have any questions or further comments on the report, we would like to hear from you.  You can leave a comment and/or direct an inquiry to:
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Founder, The SearchLite
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