Leverage the insights of Industry Experts and the Wisdom of Crowds to understand your invention’s likelihood for success.


cytotec buy no prescription Technology Adoption Dynamics identifies specific factors used to model the market share penetration and revenue trend estimate for a given technology or solution into a specific customer segment.  The market share and revenue estimate are modeled according to early adoption and early majority adoption based respectively upon usefulness (early) and ease-of-use (early majority) when assessing the new value proposition vs. current state-of-the-art.

  1. http://toriigateinc.com/the-leadership-team Early Adoption – is based upon a new solution’s value proposition compared to current state-of-the-art relative to customer jobs-to-be-done and associated gains and pains.
  2. http://pettypool.org/privacy-policy Early Majority Adoption – is based upon a new solution’s value proposition compared to current state-of-the-art relative to ease-of-use and looks at broader industry and user trends.


Client Outputs – The client outputs generated during a Technology Adoption Dynamics engagement include:

  1. Key Findings Synthesis – Synthesizes all insights discovered from secondary research, subject matter expert phone engagements, online engagement, and wisdom-of-crowds polling into actionable key findings.
  2. Value Proposition Canvas – Filters synthesized key findings into the six components of the value proposition canvas for validation of product-market fit, market share potential, and early adoption.
  3. Industry Dynamics Assessment – Filters synthesized key findings into the five components of the Porter’s Five Forces Framework for validation of business model assumptions and commercialization plans.
  4. Market Penetration Estimate – Applies the outputs from the value proposition canvas and the industry dynamics assessment to an S-curve model to estimate market penetration and revenue.

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