Qi Zhang, Ph.D.


PhD candidate
Molecular Biology
University of Michigan

market discovery

Qi is currently a PhD candidate in the Molecular and Cellular Biology at University of Michigan. His research is focusing on using anatomical, genetic, and live-imaging techniques in Drosophila to discover neuronal basis of how time is kept within the brain and how it is used to orchestrate daily and seasonal changes in behavior. The understanding of circadian clock will facilitate the research of chemotherapy, treatment of Seasonal Affection Disorder, relief of symptoms related to jet lag and shift working and etc.

Beyond his interests in life science research, he is committed to his other interests in entrepreneurship of life science commercialization and management consulting.

Combining his scientific and business interests, he, together with his team, has built a business model based on a novel life science technology. His team has been selected and trained by I-Crop program, a UM sponsored entrepreneurship program.

He was also the co-president of China Entrepreneur Network (CEN) Global. CEN is a student organization trying to leverage the technology and knowledge of America to solve emerging problems in China or vice versa. He gained a lot of leadership experience during his term.

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