Marta Cerejo

navigate here PhD student
MIT-Portugal Bioengineering Systems
Universidade Nova de Lisboa

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I am a scientist with a 11-year career dedicated to biotechnology and environmental research developed at several national and international institutions, from the academic, public and private sectors.
I am a curious and determined person and a compulsive seeker of knowledge. I look for self- and group- improvement every day. I am organized with excellent time- and stress-management skills and well prepared to work by objectives. I am an easy-going, hard-working, adaptable and resourceful professional, driven by projects that aim to enhance life quality, through human health improvement and environmental protection. Accomplishment

Marta's contributions shed light on the pain points of the end users in the infectious disease segment and helped us strengthen the value proposition of the technology.  

——Scott Olson


Medical Diagnostics Flow Cytometer

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