Aritra Chakraborty

mail order cytotec Graduate Research Assistant
Parameter estimation, crystal plasticity, optimization, computational mechanics
Michigan State University


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Having a diverse background from chemical engineering, material science and computational mechanics, I discovered my capability of quickly adapting to new scenarios. My interest in studying deformation behavior stems from the vast unexplored phenomenon that decides material behavior especially at small length scales. Trying to find the governing parameters of these systems is an important step in understanding and deciding their range and applicability. Typically I deal with high anisotropy crystals which are difficult to comprehend from experiments. Moreover I am interested in developing optimization algorithms to estimate model parameters, especially crystal plasticity models, as well as utilize them for better system design. I am also an active developer of the open source simulation toolkit DAMASK, developed by researchers in Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung. My professional experience as Junior Manager in one of the largest steel plant in India for two years has helped me hone my professional skills.

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