The 2nd Annual Midwest Business Case Competition hold successfully

(Written by MJ Zhang, Edited by Christy Song, Photos by Sung Hei Yau)
The Final and Semi-Final rounds of the 2nd Annual Midwest Business Case Competition was held by the Michigan Graduate Consulting Club (MGCC) on March. 18th. As one of the General Sponsors, The SearchLite was invited to this event. Scott Phillips, Founder and CEO of The SearchLite,, , judged the final competition with Ben Kosinski from The Boston Consulting Groups, Diane Bouis from Innovo, Linh Song from the  Ann Arbor Educational Foundation (AAPSEF).

MGCC case competition

Four Judges. From left to right: Scott Phillips, Linh Song, Ben Kosinski and Diane Bouis.

After four laborious hours, the first and second place winners of the Semi-Final and Final Competition were, the team go to site ProboKnow (Rhonda Jack, Lianette Rivera, Eric Lin, and Zhijie Wang) and see url SciNeer(Junjie Chen, Justin Storms, Minyu Xiao, David Burdette). Congratulations on your achievements and outstanding teamwork!

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