Trends in CO2 Monitoring for Patients on Home Ventilation

The SearchLite recently completed an investigation to understand the challenges and opportunities in the field of home-vent CO2 monitoring. The goal of the investigation was to understand the trends and the commercial viability of the home-vent CO2 monitoring technology. The scope of the investigation included 12 subject matter expert interviews, extensive secondary research, online discussion forum engagement, surveys and final report synthesis and analysis.

Based on the study, The SearchLite discovered that there is currently no home-vent CO2 monitoring solution currently available for patients. There is a market need for cost-efficient home-vent CO2 monitoring. The biggest challenges for such product to go to market are: 1) obtain reimbursement by insurance, 2) educate the caregivers at home, 3) ensure patient compliance, 4) manage and integrate data, and 5) adapt to all major home ventilators on the market. Comprehensive research, product development and clinical trials are required to overcome those challenges and fulfill the market need.

This report is being provided as an exclusive courtesy to the experts who volunteered their time to speak with The SearchLite directly and offer their perspectives on emerging trends, future challenges as well as opportunities of home-vent CO2 monitoring. We hope that you find the report useful and want to extend our thanks to all who generously donated their time and expertise.

If you have any questions or further comments on the report, we would like to hear from you. You can direct your inquiries to:

Scott Phillips
Founder, The SearchLite

Trends in CO2 Monitoring for Patients on Home Ventilation

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http://fantastic-ideas.com/category/uncategorized Industry Experts in CO2 Monitoring Devices:
12 Subject Matter Experts, including Product manager at Medtronic, VP at Philips, Strategic Director at GE Healthcare, etc.

http://www.thewhiteframecompany.com/milistan/3182 Subject Matter Expert Interviews:
Summary of Key Takeaways

  • There is a market need for capnography in home care setting
  • Market adoption challenges
  • The existing solutions for in-home CO2 monitoring
  • Foreseeable challenges in Home-vent CO2 remote monitoring
  • Current market size
  • Current reimbursement situation
  • Buying process to purchase items such as the home-vent CO2 monitoring system (stand-alone CO2 monitoring is not reimbursable today)
  • Challenges in new medical devices marketing and sales
  • Challenges of capnography in institutional setting
  • Current situation with remote monitoring
  • Polysomnography (Sleep study) in home care market procedure

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