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September, 2015 Newsletter



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The Community Monthly Newsletter

Did you know that September is the only month that has the same number of letters as its positioning within the month cycle – NINE? If that’s not exciting check out the news we have to share with you for the month of September!
– Christy

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Table of Contents

In this issue…

i.   Did You Know?

ii.  New projects 

iii. News and Events

iv. IIR Spotlight

Did You Know…

We Want You You… to be the next Lead Catalyst 

The SearchLite, LLC, of Ann Arbor, Michigan is seeking a full time Lead Catalyst. The annual salary for this role would be $30,000-$40,000. The SearchLite is a customer discovery and market validation firm committed to helping inventors and start-ups identify the best-fit opportunities for their technologies and solutions. Our approach combines industry expert interviews, secondary research, social media engagement and online polling to help our clients prioritize alternative customer segments and identify key success factors for early sales traction. Click here for more information! You can also contact Visha Krishnan ( or Scott Phillips ( as well.


An Updated Version of the IIR Handbook To Be Released

We have updated the IIR handbook with the latest program changes and enhancements. Please take the time to review the handbook and be aware of the newest requirements and expectations as this will be pertinent in your participation as an IIR.


All IIRs are eligible to receive a copy of Value Proposition Design and Business Model Generation? 

If you have not received either of these copies yet and would like them, please contact Christy at

***Want to know more about the IIR Program? Check out our IIR Page and fill out the contact form to talk with us!***  

New Projects:

What we’re working on…

go to link Crash Energy Management

Lead Catalyst: Divya
IIR Team Lead: Ravi
IIRs: Ravi, Oluseyi, Edward
Summary: Our client has developed a novel system that deploys rapidly in the event of a catastrophic collision by altering the vehicle structure to ensure passenger safety. The SearchLite is helping Fulcrum Engineering understand the market landscape by identifying the unmet needs, incumbent technologies and potential partners for development & commercialization of the technology.

New Product Development

Lead Catalyst: Scott
IIRs: Qi, Seyi, Dhanashree, Melissa
Summary: The SearchLite is helping our client identify challenges and opportunities associated with the New Product Development Process. NPD is the transformation of a market opportunity into a product available for sale. A good understanding of customer needs and wants, the competitive environment and the nature of the market represent the top required factors for the success of a new product. Cost, time and quality are the main variables that drive the customer needs. Aimed at these three variables, companies develop continuous practices and strategies to better satisfy the customer requirements and increase their market share by a regular development of new products. There are many uncertainties and challenges throughout the process which companies must face. The SearchLite is helping our client discover whether or not their software solution would help harness the use of best practices and the eliminate barriers to communication, two of the main concerns for the management of NPD process.

Entrepreneurial Needs

Lead Catalyst: Divya
IIRs: Ajith, Sofiane, Travis, Johanna
Summary: The SearchLite is working with Automation Alley, an incubator based in Troy, MI to understand services required by entrepreneurs who are starting new business and the fit with the Automation Alley 7Cs program.

The Automation Alley 7Cs program links aspiring entrepreneurs with experts from Automation Alley who will guide them through a seven-step process from concept to commercialization. The SearchLite will help Automation Alley identify the needs and services that entrepreneurs look out for when seeking help from a business incubator and how the program could deliver them.

News and Events:

Stay up to date on TSL’s latest news!


Ravi Was Recently Named IIR Team Lead  

Ravi, our Level II IIR has recently accepted a position as a Team lead for the project Crash Energy Management. He is responsible for conducting the Weekly Google hangout sessions with the IIRs, Synthesis of Secondary Research and fostering team spirit. Please contact Scott/Visha if you are interested in knowing more about such paid positions with TSL.

TSL’s First IIR Online Retreat Was a Success!  
The SearchLite recently held our very first Online Innovators-in-Residence Retreat and we had a blast! Thank you to everyone who joined us for this fun informational event. Want to know more about what happened during this event? Read all about it here! !

Scott Phillips will participate as an expert panel member @ University of Michigan

The University of Michigan Medical School is holding a session for Postdoc Appreciation week called, “To Infinity and Beyond! How Postdocs Can get Involved in Biomedical Commercialization.” At this session participants will learn more about how postdocs can get involved in the fast-paced world of commercialization of biomedical research at the UM campus and beyond. The event will take place on September 23, 2015 at Kahn Auditorium.

Don’t Miss the Upcoming Events!

MSU is holding a Science Connect for Graduate Students, Postdocs, and Employers

This will be a chance for MSU Graduate students and postdocs to connect with employers and PhD-level scientists across a variety of industries and job sectors. This event will be a great networking event and will be open to all domestic & international graduate students & postdocs. The event will take place on Sept. 28 from 6 – 8 pm at Chittenden Hall, 466 W. Circle Dr and the dress code will be business casual. Scott Phillips and Visha Krishnan will attend this event so stop by to say hello and to enjoy the event together with fellow IIRs and TSL members.

We Heard You…IIR Focus Groups Are Here!

Based on your feedback it seems like you want to get to know your fellow IIRs more, so we came up with the idea of focus groups! This would be an informal discussion group where you can talk about interesting and helpful topics with your peers and receive tips and advice from one another. The first half of the discussion will focus on a pre-determined topic and the second half will take the form of an open discussion. Every week we will present three topics that attendees can choose from to discuss. For our first meeting the three available topics will be: Time management, Other Opportunities that Exist on a Career Path, and Job Searching.  We have scheduled the kick-off meeting for Oct. 5th at 5:30 PM EST. Please save the date and RSVP ( to let us know if you plan to join the online event! We will send out more details shortly! Contact Christy Song for any inquiries (

Suvey Reminder
TSL recently sent out an IIR Satisfaction Survey and we are waiting for many responses. Please take the time to fill this survey out. It will greatly help us improve the IIR Program and will give us feedback on what is and is not working. We look forward to receiving your responses!

*** Have more ideas? We are listening. Take the survey HERE so that you too can impact our community for the better! *** 


Course Completion
As all of you know, the Learning Management System is a crucial part of the IIR experience and we strongly encourage our innovators to participate. It is an easy and fast way to become aware of what exactly The SearchLite does and what terminology we are using and why. Several IIRS have shown outstanding performance and have completed all of the courses to date on our new Learning Management System. We applaud you for your achievements!

Innovator-in-Residence Spotlight:

An IIR that has gone above and beyond…

“Qi is sincere, diligent and receptive. On the investor due diligence project, he quickly grasped the subject matter, posed good questions and posted interesting articles that helped us understand the differences in Angel and Venture Capital (VC) investment mechanisms. It was exciting to learn that he is working on launching his own startup and this project was very helpful.”

– Divya


“As a PhD student, I was intimidated by the magic of business and never dared to try out any of my ideas. But my IIR experience with The Searchlite lifts the veil of business for me. It enables me to look at business from a very unique and practical perspective. The hands-on experience lends me confidence to carry things out on my own. So with my team I decided to try out something interesting, something crazy. We want to house the same computational power into the smallest possible form factor.  Our current focus is on the design and production of !nverse, a highly versatile console form-factor computer chassis. Feel free to check it out via”

– Qi

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