visit site Quipzor is developing a teleconferencing platform that will eliminate the need for the manufacturer’s representative to be physically in the operating room. When a new surgical tool hits the market, there is usually a learning curve involved. Often that means a representative of the manufacturer needs to be in the operating room during the procedure to help guide the surgeon, which is very costly and drives the cost of the products up. The QuipzOR technology allows a manufacturer’s rep to teleconference into the operating room to guide the surgeon. QuipzOR will also cut down on travel expenses for manufacturers. QuipzOR plans to start testing its platform later this winter in dry runs with surgeons.

Tastylia Buy 20 MG QuipzOR would like to engage The SearchLite to conduct a Customer Validation Assessment. The key findings from this assessment will assist QuipzOR as they progress through Automation Alley’s 7C’s Program. Final deliverables and outputs will useful to QuipzOR as they work on attracting investors, creating effective selling messages and develop marketing automation capabilities.

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