Insul Slab System

Novel Slab Insulation System – Go-To-Market

The SearchLite performed a Market Discovery Challenge for a product in the Building Envelope System that is used to insulate the slab edge in a building. The scope of the work was to validate the value proposition of the product, understand the commercialization dynamics in the construction industry and identify a Go-To-Market Strategy. From the research performed, The SearchLite was able to identify the critical factors affecting the adoption of a new product in the construction industry.

Up to 10% of the heat loss in a home is due to a poorly insulated slab and 80% of that 10% is through the slab edge. The construction industry has struggled with the idea of effective slab insulation for creating a thermal break. Our client’s product, the Insul Slab System is the only product on the market that meets code and creates a complete thermal break between the slab edge and the footer.  It is the only system on the market that meets code.

The SearchLite interviewed experts from various segments in the construction industry to gain insights about the different customer segments, and new technology adoption factors. Based on the key findings from the study, The SearchLite was able to suggest the best first target customer segment.

Our community of Innovators-in-Residence performed extensive research on the emerging building code regulations and their enforcement, market trends related to adoption of new products in the construction industry and other key factors that influence the adoption of a new product. The SearchLite also identified the key marketing messages, tactics and distribution strategies pertaining to each customer segment identified.

The Outputs from The SearchLite included:

  • Key Takeaways from Interviews with Industry Experts
  • Best first customer target
  • Marketing Strategy – Messages and Tactics
  • Distribution Strategy

insulslab case study

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