New Vital Signs

A wearable sensor being developed at the University of Michigan could provide doctors with the first simple, portable, non-invasive way to measure fluid status or intervascular volume. Fluid status is a diagnostic measure much like heart rate or blood pressure. It can alert doctors when a cardiac patient has excess fluid that prevents their heart from pumping efficiently or give physicians an understanding of the patient’s fluid tolerance whereby additional fluids may improve cardiac function. This is important in patients that are suspected to have hemodynamic compromise such as in sepsis for example.
The device is called Dynamic Respiratory Impedance Volume Evaluation, or DRIVE, and measures the changes in “bioimpedance,” or electrical conductivity, of the wearer’s limb as they breathe. SearchLite is engaged to conduct a market assessment for their DRIVE Technology including identifying key customer segment, validating the value proposition of DRIVE, and finding participants in an early stage beta testing phase.

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