New Market for Air Saver Unit

Air Saving Units (ASUs) reduce air consumption in blowing end uses by interrupting flow at sub-second intervals. The frequency and duration of the intervals can be adjusted to fit the intended blowing effect. The resulting rapid succession of air impacts are each delivered with more force than a continuous flow as illustrated in this flow profile. The technology is a good fit for many industrial cooling, drying and cleaning processes.

Parker has had success in the market to date, but would like to expand market penetration by investigating new industries and applications which can take advantage of the product benefits. Some hypothesis include (1) air blow for robotic paint gun clean-off; (2) PET bottle manufacturing; (3) excess filling blow off; (4) drying of parts – oven cooling; (5) laser cutting lens cleaning; (6) machine work cell clean up of swarf materials or coolants – e.g., machine mills, CNCs, etc.. Adjacent industry opportunities could include aerospace, electronics or others.

A current product on the market is the EXAIR Air Knives. Parker has had preliminary conversation with EXAIR but it is not yet known whether or not the products are competitors or complimentary. Parker is also in the process of developing a mini air blow gun.

Parker is also working with the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (neea) to recruit industrial plants will to participate in field testing in order to determine whether the ASUs can cost-effectively reduce air usage in blowing operations. Success of this test could result in Parkers ASU being certified by the DOE for energy star accreditation and associated consumer rebates.

Parker would like TSL to conduct a market assessment to explore market opportunities for prioritization based upon best fit and conduct competitor analyses to map out the current state-of-the-art. The SearchLIte is a Market Discovery and Customer Validation Service. We help inventors, entrepreneurs, investors, and growth companies discover which markets to address first, as well as which key factors will influence their ultimate market success. We accelerate the front-end customer discovery and market validation process. We will help our clients identify and validate the key hypothesis that will inform their commercial path to market and improve the odds of success.

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