Multiplex Protein Measurement

The Future of Multiplex Protein Measurement

The SearchLite is conducting a Market Discovery Challenge to understand the future of Multiplex Protein Measurement.

Our client has developed a high quality multiplex immunoassays with unprecedented time- and cost-savings. Their proprietary micropatterned phase separation (MPS) technology makes them the only company that provides a highly user-friendly immunoassay. They would like to engage The SearchLite to explore and validate the target markets for their technology within the Life Science Industry. The Market Assessment will consist of primary research, secondary research and on-line discussion panel engagement.

The ability to measure multiple proteins precisely and simultaneously is important in clinical application and biological research. In particular, quantitative, multiplexed protein abundance measurements will become obligatory for the validation of the biological significance of results of functional genomics studies as we enter an era of personalized medicine. Guided by FDA prompting, biomarker data from multiplexed protein measurement technologies will become increasingly the norm, both in Investigational New Drug (IND) approval submissions and Phase IV (post-marketing) studies. In tandem, multiplexed protein measurement for biomarker-based diagnostic and prognostic testing is becoming the largest growth segment of the immunodiagnostics industry.


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