Marketing Automation Systems

Our client is a marketing automation services firm helping small and mid-size organizations leverage lead generation marketing to grow and prosper. This company provides technology, education, marketing strategy consulting and digital marketing services that enable their clients to build, implement and manage the sales leads.

They would like to engage The SearchLite to perform a customer validation for them. The SearchLite will accelerate front-end customer discovery and market validation process to identify and validate the best target market and best pricing for their range of services.

I was very impressed by The SearchLite’s ability to engage industry experts and derive key insights from interviews with industry professionals. Scott and Prianca were able to successfully map out the industry ecosystem and uncover common practices in marketing strategies among system integrators in Michigan and Ohio.  As we explore new opportunities for marketing automation in the manufacturing sector, these findings will be extremely valuable.

--Kevin Krason

Founder, Biznet Digital

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