Liquid Natural Gas Transportation

The Future of Liquid Natural Gas Transportation

The SearchLite is conducting a Market Discovery Challenge to understand the future of Liquid Natural Gas Transportation.

Our client has developed advanced technology which improves upon spectroscopy commonly used in chemistry to provide a fingerprint by which molecules can be identified. This technology has many potential applications, including the detection of impurities within the storage and trasportation of liquified natural gas. Typical raw natural gas contains only about 80% methane and a number of higher boiling hydrocarbons as well as a number of impurities. Before it is liquefied, it is typically purified so as to remove the higher-boiling hydrocarbons and the impurities. The resultant liquefied natural gas contains about 95% or more methane and it is a clear, colorless and essentially odorless liquid which is neither corrosive nor toxic.

The SearchLite is helping our client identify who cares and why regarding this technology as the foundation for a commercialization plan in support of a federal grant to further the technical development.

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