Lighthouse Molding

The Future of Lighthouse Molding

The SearchLite is conducting a Market Discovery Challenge to understand the future of lighthouse molding.

Low pressure overmolding is one of  the best ways to protect electronics from the environmental conditions it may face through it’s life expectancy. This process not only seals products from the environment with moisture and chemical resistance it will provide a structure with excellent electrical and thermal properties while incorporating mounting capabilities with the look of a finished product ready for service in almost any environment.

Our client is an expert in Low Pressure Overmolding (LPO).  LPO encapsulates the electronic assembly, like potting. LPO eliminates the curing process, set up times, fasteners and liquids required to use potting. The resulting unit doesn’t have any space between the protection and the electronics.  LPO offers a thin profile like conformal coating. LPO does not gap. It also protects against vibration and shock. LPO can eliminate the need for a housing. LPO offers more complete protection.

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