Innovative Clamps for Automation Robot Tooling

L&J Modular Components develops and designs ergonomic solutions for manufacturing customers to enable their team members engaged in material handling to operate in a more efficient, profitable, and safe environment. With their proprietary library of modular components to build ergonomic solutions, they are the lego/erector set of ergo systems. One of the major products of L&J Modular components is clamp, which is used by some of Toyota’s stamping facilities.

In order to distinguish itself and gain market share, L&J has invented a new generation end-of-arm tooling (EOAT) system that includes a new engineered high modulus carbon fiber tube with increased resonance frequency together with a new engineered non-adhesive adjustable clamping system.  This new EOAT system can be used in high-speed transfer production lines in diverse industries. L&J would like to engage the SearchLite to conduct a Market Discovery Challenge to test market needs and identify potential customers for this new invention.

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