High-brightness Fluorophores for Biomedical applications

StabiLux BioSciences (SBL), a Michigan Technological University (MTU) spinoff company, has developed proprietary, high-brightness fluorophores for biomedical applications, particularly in multi-color flow cytometry. StabiLux overcomes the two major limitations of flow cytometry application: spillover and autofluorescence with high-brightness fluorophores, allowing for expanded flow cytometry application with better data, faster analysis and quicker time to market.  Furthermore, StabiLux’s platform technology will apply to all color channels and cytometry equipment. Unlike other technologies that cover a specific fluorophore, StabiLux offers a drop in solution that can utilize all 18 channels and is compatible with current equipment and methods.

StabiLux would like to engage The SearchLite to conduct a Market Assessment to validate key variables and hypothesis related to the StabiLux Go-To-Market and Customer Acquisition Strategy.  The primary objective of this Market Assessment is to provide supporting market evidence of potential sales volumes, pricing and margins to inform the development of a Profit & Loss Proforma which Stabilux will use as part of their investor pitch decks to secure capital funding.  Example companies to be assessed include Becton Dickinson & Company, Bayer Healthcare AG, Bracco Imaging SpA, GE Healthcare, Cardinal Health, Inc., Lantheus Medical Imaging, Inc. and others.

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