The Pricing Model and Strategy of Current Players for Genome Interpretation Software

purchase Maxalt (Rizatriptan) in Elizabeth New Jersey Genomenon, Inc has developed a genome interpretation software to facilitate the tertiary analysis of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) by providing immediate insight into millions of prioritized scientific articles from the primary medical literature. The main product/service by Genomenon, Mastermind, is a novel analytic and visualization tool for variant curation. It delivers comprehensive knowledge base of genomic variants curated from primary medical literature organized into clinical categories, and prioritized by the strength of disease-associations as determined by our automated platform and algorithms. It has the following advantages:

  • Mastermind dramatically reduces the time and effort required to find and prioritize the primary literature for any given disease-gene-variant combination, reducing the time pathologists and geneticists spend search and curating articles by 80%.
  • Mastermind delivers real-time updates as new evidence through primary publications becomes available.

from this source Genomenon would like to engage The SearchLite to conduct a market assessment to understand the pricing model and strategy of current players. The NGS analysis consist of primary, secondary, and tertiary analysis. The primary objective of this market assessment is to investigate the pricing structure across the value chain and to provide supporting market evidence of benchmarking pricing strategy for Genomenon. Typical companies to be assessed include software players such as GenomOncology, and PerianDx; Agilent’s Cartegenia, Omicia, SolveBio, BioDiscovery, and Molecular Health in the Tertiary analysis field; Centogene and Thomopson Reuters as knowledge bases.

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