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HeatSpring’s education marketplace offers hundreds of online courses in solar, wind, microgrids, green building and other renewable energy technologies. Any qualified expert can build a course and reach anyone in the world. In order to make learning and teaching convenient and intuitive, HeatSpring works with industry experts to develop and teach top-notch curriculum, continuously updates HeatSpring’s proprietary online platform and forged long-lasting relationships with leaders in the clean energy and green building spheres. HeatSpring has trained 46k fossil fuel renegades since 2007 and aims to continue building and powering a cleaner future through education technology for years to come.

HeatSpring is currently looking for a deeper understanding of the Premium Content Instructor Market for Clean Energy and Green Building. HeatSpring would like to engage the SearchLite to conduct a Customer Validation Assessment to understand the premium content instructor demographics, their motivation and how to establish a robust system for systematic instructor acquisition. The scope of work for this Customer Validation Assessment will address the above research objectives as specified by HeatSpring as well as standard project deliverables, which may help HeatSpring with other aspects of their business planning.

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