Diversified Solar

The Future of Diversified Solar

The SearchLite is conducting a Market Discovery Challenge to understand the future of diversified solar.

Off-grid power systems number in the thousands, and many of these are still powered by diesel generation. Others showcase smart and much cleaner combustion technologies capable of reducing diesel consumption by as much as a third even without any renewable generation. Once renewable distributed energy generation (RDEG) is added to the mix, these remote systems begin to look like the classic traditional microgrids that have been the focus of most government funding in the United States.

Our client is engaged in the solar systems integration, sizing, design and installation of mobile stand alone and grid-tied solar-based power generation solutions.   They have a working prototype of a mobile solar based power generation system that demonstrates it’s capabilities.  The SearchLite to discover key market insights.  The Value Proposition for our client includes:

  • High Power Density – With small footprint platform.
  • Bi-axis Tracking – Generates 18 kW but rated at 27 kW because of tracking.
  • Retractability – Reduces cost of service and repair, no bucket lift needed.
  • Face Down Stow  – Extends life by reduction in from wind & dust, scratched lens
  • Collateralization – Easy to finance because equipment is not fixed or stationary.
  • Mobility – System can be installed and deployed in 90 minutes at a field location.
  • ROI – $6.50 Vs $22 per kW at $350,000 per unit.

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