The Future of Diver

Given an event, there are potentially an infinite number of different perspectives. What tools exist for authoring and sharing different perspectives on the same event? Selective capture is a major drawback in research of audio-video records. Single camera and microphone misses events occurring outside the field of view. Researchers rarely aim to be accountable to what all learners are doing – not only those on whom the video-camera is focused. Achieving “common ground” in referential practices can be difficult to achieve and is crucial for making sense of novel experiences and especially in the context of learning and instruction. Picture an in-service teacher immersed in a classroom situation: how does she come to learn “what is going on” and how should her interpretation of the meaning of events guide what she does next? (perception and action cycles)

Our client has developed DIVER, a tool for authoring and sharing DIVES. A DIVE is an annotated perspective on any video record. Content can be captured by equipment ranging from basic consumer video cameras to specially built, high-resolution 360-degree panoramic cameras with a multi-microphone array. The SearchLite is helping our client perform Customer Discovery and assess Product-Market Fit for their solution by understanding potential customers, the jobs they are trying to get done, the pains they experience and the gains they desire.

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