Customer Needs and Market Trend for New Pet Locating Products

The ASPCA reports that five to seven million pets enter animal shelters every year and, of those, three to four million are euthanized since the owners cannot be located in a timely manner. PawPrints ID (PPID) is a system that helps owners locate their lost pets by allowing rescuers to scan the PPID tag on their pet using a smartphone. The PPID tag can be scanned by any smartphone to reveal important information regarding the pet including owner’s contact info and simultaneously send a text message to the owner. The PPID can also be used to reach the owner by using the website or by calling a toll-free number.

Microchips have been around for awhile and are PPID’s main competitor. Chips are inconvenient as they can only be scanned by specialized readers available in veterinary clinics and shelters. It takes upwards of 5 hours to locate and reunite pets with their owners when using the chips.

As part of their marketing plan, PawPrintsID has initially used a large distributor that works with veterinary clinics for sales of the PPID tag, without much success. They are also currently selling through pet stores via smaller regional distributors and attending international conferences to expand into international markets including Australia and Europe.

Doug Kline and Mark Hart from PPID would like to engage The SearchLite to do a Market Discovery Challenge for them within the Pet Industry and to also deliver some standard Customer Validation outputs that will be helpful to PPID as they invest time and dollars into market communications, sales and distribution, website messaging, brand identity creation and other commercialization activities.

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