Equipment Health Monitoring

The Future of Equipment Health Monitoring

Equipment Health Monitoring (EHM) which also goes be Prognostics and health management (PHM) is a critical research domain that leverages advanced predictive tools. PHM is becoming more popular primarily due to the need to have a mechanism to obtain objective assessment on the true condition of manufacturing assets, as well as auxiliary systems. Condition-based maintenance, meanwhile, utilizes machine signals (either from the controller or from sensor installations) to detect the occurrence of a fault or anomaly. In some implementations, even the location of the fault can be isolated and the type of fault event can be recognized. PHM is a natural extension of condition-based maintenance by using prediction algorithms so future performance of the equipment can be inferred.

The SearchLite is working with an inventor who is creating a wireless node-based network to help plant managers monitor health metrics (confidence value or CV, failure mode, remaining useful life, etc.), so that the user can observe the temporal behavior of the machine and be warned of the incipient signs of failure before the actual fault event. With such information, manufacturing transparency is then achieved because plant managers and supervisors are now capable of identifying machines that can optimally finish a production job order (mission readiness) while prioritizing equipment for repair without interfering with production schedules.



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