Bone Regrowth Technology Market

A hyaluronic acid based delivery device (solid gel/putty) that can be injected or directly applied to the bone fracture site and enables a sustaining release of Deferoxamine at the site of bone fractures to enhance the healing process was developed by the scientists in University of Michigan. Bone Regrowth (BR) is a novel invention, which helps bone growth with higher efficacy in a faster and easier way.

Deferoxamine is a bacterial siderophore used to treat bone fracture to promote the vascular healing processes. Without treatment, a radiation bone fracture will only see 20% of union and suffers from problems such as off center or misalignment. With one daily injection for multiple days of Deferoxamine, the union rate is increased to 60%. However, the multiple injection and potential to increase the healing rate makes it appealing to develop a new method for delivering Deferoxamine. Preliminary research has shown that the new delivery device could reduce the treatment protocol to a single injection and increase the union rate to 90% for radiation bone fracture.

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