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Automated Tissue Dissociation System – Best Fit Market

The SearchLite collaborated with Jen Watson and the inventor team from Tech Launch Arizona (TLA), University of Arizona to identify and evaluate the Best Fit Market  for a novel Automated Tissue Dissociation System within the healthcare and life science industry. The SearchLite was also successful in connecting TLA with potential licensees and beta testers for their technology.

Tissue dissociation is a critical first step to obtain single cells in a lot of applications like cell and tissue analysis, drug development and cancer research. These cell suspensions are generally prepared by mechanical, chemical and enzymatic methods. Currently, tissue dissociation is being performed using manual methods or with some of the existing automated systems on the market. The entire process of tissue dissociation – right from harvesting the tissues from animals to obtaining single cell suspensions is laborious.

Researchers at University of Arizona developed a novel system that automates the tissue dissociation process thereby reducing manual intervention and process variability. This automated technology reduces sample processing time and could facilitate high throughput R&D or drug development applications.

From the interviews with experts from industry and academia as well as secondary research performed by  a team of four Innovators-In-Residence directed by our Mentor-In-Residence Jack Ball, The SearchLite identified the different market dimensions that would affect the adoption of the technology within the Life Sciences Industry. The SearchLite’s comprehensive Market Evaluation Platform helped TLA to understand the end user’s pain points.

Each of the Market Applications were compared on the basis of importance to the end user, product-market fit and the market size in order to determine the Best Fit Market Application. A comparison of TLA’s automated tissue dissociation system with the current state of the art helped The SearchLite identify the right target markets for the technology.

The SearchLite provided TLA with:

  • Best fit market applications in an order of priority for each of the identified market segments
  • Connections with potential licensing partners and beta testers as a next step for product development

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