Advanced Building Envelope Technology

The Future of Advanced Building Envelope Technology

The SearchLite is conducting a Market Discovery Challenge to understand the future of advanced building envelope technology .

Up to 50% of a modern building’s heat loss is through the slab. Building codes and international energy codes require that slab-on-grade floor foundations be insulated with a minimum R10 from the top of the slab edge for a minimum distance of 24” for zones 4 and 5.  Builders and engineers have struggled to devise a practical and economical method of achieving the prescribed thermal break. Heat is primarily transferred through a slab foundation by convection (exposure of the slab edge to open air) and conduction (direct contact with the thermal mass footing.  While a variety of products have been brought to the marketplace, none have addressed both of these thermal transfers in a way that is affordable and that is easy to install. The result is often a cold floor edge and a loss in energy efficiency.
The SearchLite’s client has invented a solution which provides a full thermal break at the slab edge and from the mass of the footer.  But getting adopted into the building products industry has historically been tough for many reasons.  We are trying to identify the critical benefits that are most important to residential builders, codes officials and home owners.

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