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Advanced Amputee Solutions LLC is a veteran-owned medical device company, specializing in the development of amputee specific devices.  Advanced Amputee Solutions has developed a proprietary implantable orthopedic device that is specifically designed for above- and below-knee amputees.  Quickly applied during the original amputation surgery, or surgical revision; the Implantable End Pad will allow the amputee to comfortably bear weight on the end of their amputated limb.

nsf icorps

Advanced Amputee Solutions participated in the NSF sponsored I-Corps Program and elected to focus on validating problems and solutions in the area of “Surgical Implants for below Knee Amputees”.  The AAS Team was quite well versed in market applications for their innovative implant.   They were interested in understanding the industry ecosystem profiles of Value Analysis Teams and their role in surgical product selection relative to other channels for product adoption.

value analysis

The SearchLite Community of Innovators-in-Residence responded to AAS’ challenge with insights, engaged discussions and detailed insights regarding how healthcare system Value Analysis Teams make new technology adoption decisions for clinical settings.  Two Industry Knowledge Experts validated the product concept using primary research methods.  The Market Discovery Challenge Outputs included:

  • An extensive research report with industry articles, presentations and Key Opinion Leader profiles
  • Relevant web links and other reference citations.
  • Synthesized Key Industry Technology Adoption Dyanamics
  • A list of 12 VAT industry experts with contact information and warm referrals
  • Actionable Next steps and Recommendations

I was very impressed with the contacts provided by The SearchLite and their positions of influence within Value Analysis Teams as well as their insights on what type of product value is need to achieve commercialization.

 —— Gordon Maniere

President Advanced Amputee Solutions

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