ABC-LNG Impurity Detection

The SearchLite collaborated with inventors of a novel natural gas impurities measurement device to formulate a commercialization strategy in support of applications for grant funding opportunities.


Natural gas is evolving as one of the clean, safe alternative fuels in the United States on account of its abundant reserves.  Unlike other fossil fuels, natural gas generates a lot of energy with few emissions making it an attractive choice. Raw natural gas that is collected at the wellhead is usually crude and has impurities like moisture, Carbon Dioxide and Hydrogen Sulphide. These impurities are often a source of pollution and therefore have to be removed before the gas is transported and distributed to the customer. The client’s novel device was being used for the detection of these impurities and the challenge was to clarify its value proposition and assess it with respect to current solutions.


The SearchLite conducted primary research with experts from industry and academia as well as secondary research with the help of our community of Innovators-In-Residence.


During the Market Discovery Challenge, The SearchLite clarified and validated the value proposition of the novel device by identifying the pain points associated with current state-of-the-art solutions. The SearchLite also performed an in-depth analysis of the competitive landscape to understand the market dynamics that would impact the adoption of the new technology.


Based on the current state-of-the-art assessment, merits of the value proposition, industry trends and the market size, The SearchLite was able to provide the client team with recommended beachhead customers and suggestions for reducing their time to market.


Outputs from The SearchLite included:

  • Commercialization plan in support of applications for grant funding opportunities
  • Strategic relationships for future collaboration on technology development and and other commercialization activities
  • Strategic specifications for development of a second generation prototype based on the research findings

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