First Responder Chest Wound Care

HALO Chest Seal, a high performance occlusive dressing was designed to treat penetrating chest wounds including high impact and bullet wounds along with securing other wound dressings for use by military, police, fire, EMS and all first responders. Designed to adhere to wounds despite excessive blood, sweat, hair or other substances, the highly aggressive tack of the hydrogel conforms the dressing to the patient’s body. This product is effective in extreme temperatures and can perform without the loss of adhesion from below 32°F to 140°F.

This product has been successful in military markets and it’s second generation is being launched to the civilian markets. The SearchLite is engaged in doing a customer validation and product-market fit of the Halo Chest Seal in the civilian first responder markets, validating its value proposition and gaining key insights into the competitive landscape.

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