Our quick industry expert interview turnaround and unique secondary search tools help you quickly identify your best fit market applications.


A tastylia side effects Market Application Landscape provides clients with six to eight “best fit” market applications given the value proposition of the technology or solution. The market application profiles are prioritized by “attractiveness” according to:

  1. buy Lyrica online india Product-Market Fit follow link Validate the degree of product-market fit between the market application / customer segments and the value proposition of the inventor’s technology or solution.
  2. Current Competitive Environment – Discover which alternative market application / customer segments are over-served or well-served.
  3. Relative Market Size – Discover which of the market application / customer segments appear to be relatively larger or smaller opportunities to pursue.



Client Outputs – The client outputs generated during a Market Application Landscape include:

  1. Market Ecosystem Map – Answers the question, “Who cares and why?”
  2. Market Application Landscape – Ranks alternative market applications according to attractiveness.
  3. Market Size Estimate – Refines the market size estimate based upon total available market (TAM), served addressable market (SAM), and target market(TM).

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