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buy Pregabalin 300 mg online The Community Monthly Newsletter, Mar. ’16

Did you know that although in the Georgian calendar, March is the third month, it was the first month and named Martius in the early Roman calendar? It was not until later that the ancient Romans made January to be the first month. Along with this fun fact, The SearchLite has much to share with you for the month of March!

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Table of Contents

In this issue…

i.  News to Know 

ii.  New projects 

iii. News and Events

iv. IIR Spotlight


News to Know

Scott attended the 2nd Annual Midwest Business Case Competition as a judge.

Scott recently attended the Annual Midwest Business Case Competition as a judge alongside Ben Kosinski, Diane Bouis, and Linh Song.  CLICK HERE!

The SearchLite held a recruiting event at McMaster University. 

On March 3, Scott met with McMaster PhD and Postdoc students for a 3-hour presentation on our new company model and our Innovators-in-Residence Community. Check out what took place HERE!

Ever consider becoming a lead catalyst?  

You may have been an IIR for a while and are seeking a next step as a leader. Check out what the new lead catalysts have to say  CLICK HERE! 

Scott, MJ and Hui attended the MSU Graduate Engineer Symposium as a judge. 

More than 137 graduate students from 8 different engineer backgrounds participated in a poster competition. Nearly 40 representatives from 26 companies and industries were registered to participate in the 2016 Engineering Graduate Research Symposium. Check out what took place HERE!

***Want to know more about the IIR Program? Check out our IIR Page and fill out the contact form to talk with us!***  


New Projects:

What we’re working on…


Lead Catalyst: Hui
IIRs: Lei, Jayshree, Luyao
Summary: Our QuipzOR is developing a teleconferencing plaform that will eliminate the need for the manufacturer’s representative to be physically in the operating room. When a new surgical tool hits the market, there is usually a learning curve involved. Often that means a representative of the maufacturer needs to be in the operating room during the procedure to help guide the surgeon, which is very costly and drives the cost of the products up. QuipzOR allows manufacturer’s rep to teleconference into the operating room to guide the surgeon.

Food Slicer Inc

Lead Catalyst: Hui
IIRs: Yewei, Khushboo, JC
Summary: FSI is a major player in the Food Processing Industry. RSL leads the way in technology, refining our products for ever-greater productivity, yield, labor savings, and bottom-line profits. Our meat processing trimmers and food processing products are used in restaurants, hotels, and processing plants across the globe.  

New Vital Signs

Lead Catalyst: Qi
IIRs: Samhitha, Isabella, Sujatha, Mohammad, Marta, Tao
Summary: The A wearable sensor being developed at the University of Michigan could provide doctors with the first simple, portable, non-invasive way to measure fluid status – the volume of blood that’s coursing through a patient’s blood vessels at any given time. Fluid status is a diagnostic measure much like heart rate or blood pressure. It can alert doctors when a cardiac patient has excess fluid that prevents their heart from pumping efficiently or provide a more precise measure of how much waste fluid to filter out of a dialysis patient’s blood. It can also tell doctors how much fluid to give to a trauma patient who has lost blood or a septic patient with an overwhelming infection.  

First Responder Chest Wound Care

Lead Catalyst: Prianca
IIRs: Yewei, Mahsa, Andrew, Yan
Summary: Our client is developing a high performance occlusive dressing designed to treat penetrating chest wounds along with securing other wound dressings for use by military, police, fire, EMS and all first responders. Designed to adhere to wounds despite excessive blood, sweat, hair or other substance, the highly aggressive tack of the hydrogel conforms the dressing to the patient’s body.


News and Events:

Stay up to date on TSL’s latest news!

Scott attended the 2nd Annual Midwest Business Case Competition as a judge

The final and semi-final rounds of this event was held by the Michigan graduate Consulting Club (MGCC) on March. 18th. As one of the General Sponsors, The SearchLite was invited to this event. Scott Phillips, Founder and CEO of The SearchLite, judged the final competition with Ben Kosinski from The Boston Consulting Groups, Diane Bouis from Innovo, Linh Song from the Ann Arbor Educational Foundation (AAPSEF). Check out this post for more details about the event!

Broadening our family near and far

The SearchLite had the privilege of being invited to McMaster University to conduct an Innovators-in-Residence Workshop on March 3rd, 2016. The invitation was extended by the Graduate Student Life Team, part of the School of Graduate Studies. This event was made possible by a connection between Scott Phillips from The SearchLite and Catherine Maybrey from McMaster University back in 2014 when Catherine hosted a “CV to Resume Webinar” on behalf of The SearchLite. Check out this post to read more about what happened at the event!

Ever Consider Becoming a Lead Catalyst: Find out what they do!

Every Market Discovery Challenge involves a lead catalyst, Innovators-in-Residence, clients, and industry experts. Although each player is crucial and necessary to every project, the lead catalyst can be seen as the nucleus that guides the entire cell and keeps it functioning the proper ways to survive. With this being said, you might be wondering Ok, so they’re important, but what do they do? Click here for more details!

Scott Phillips attends the MSU Graduate Engineer Symposium as a Judge

The MSU Graduate Engineer Symposium of 2016 took place at the Breslin Center on March 31st. More than 137 graduate students from 8 different engineer backgrounds participated in the poster competition. Nearly 40 representatives from 26 companies and industries were registered to participate in the 2016 Engineering Graduate Research Symposium. It was The SearchLite’s second time participating in this event. Scott Phillips, the CEO of The SearchLite, took part in judging the posters.

Visha has a new job and her insight might interest you…

Have you ever considered transitioning into IP licensing as an academic? Visha played a major role at The SearchLite as the Director of Market Discovery and recently joined Henry Ford Innovation as a licensing associate. She works with researchers, staff, doctors, who have innovative ideas and help them take their ideas to the market commercializing their inventions. Visha found out about the job position online through The Association of University Managers (AUTM) and she says there are multiple other platforms available to help academics find career paths. Click here for more details!

Need help in engaging with us on social media?

When we stumble upon a post that we think our peers would enjoy or find valuable we often share the information, but it’s not always as easy as it sounds so here is a tutorial on how to share, like, and examples of text you could get ideas from for your own posts! CLICK HERE! 

TSL Welcomes our new IIRs!  

We are always elated when we are able to say our Please welcome Mohammad Kouhani, Jayshree Khanikar, Jiachao LiuMahsa Shafai, Yan Dong, Juliana Monteiro, and Andrew Magimaidas and check out their profiles. We look forward to working with you and are excited to see our IIR community grow!

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Suvey Reminder

If you have any suggestions or feedback about the IIR program, please take the time to fill this survey out. It will greatly help us improve the program and will give us feedback on what is and is not working. We look forward to receiving your responses!

*** Have more ideas? We are listening. Take the survey HERE so that you too can impact our community for the better! *** 


Course Completion

As all of you know, the Learning Management System is a crucial part of the IIR experience and we strongly encourage our innovators to participate. It is an easy and fast way to become aware of what exactly The SearchLite does and what terminology we are using and why. Several IIRS have shown outstanding performance and have completed all of the courses to date on our new Learning Management System. We applaud you for your achievements!


Innovator-in-Residence Spotlight:

An IIR that has gone above and beyond…

” The IIR program at TSL has been a great experience for me. First of all, it allows me to put into practice concepts of market and costumer discovery, in a learn by doing approach, thereby consolidating this knowledge. Secondly, I get to know different and exciting new technologies, that take me out of my comfort zone. On top of that, at TSL the people are competent and committed, but easy-going and joyful, which makes the experience even more fulfilling.”

– Marta Cerejo

“Marta has consistently stayed engaged in the IIR Program over an extended period of time and amidst the long distance communications (all the way in Lisbon), she is very active and does a great job of participating in the projects she has committed to. She also has referred the program to a colleague in Lisbon and we look forward to expanding our community internationally with the help of referrals from our IIRs. Thank you for your contribution and we are excited to continue working with you.”

– Scott Phillips

Innovator-in-Residence Alumni Spotlight:

IIR Alumni… where are they now?

Travis D’Cruz

“I embarked on a short but productive journey with TSL as part of my efforts to become familiar with market research and business strategy development for start ups. As an IIR, I was able to to gain fundamental knowledge of how innovators must develop their customer profile in order to make their best product. I learned and assisted on a project focused on evolving a company’s value proposition in order to broaden their outreach.

I strongly believe that my work with organizations such as TSL boosted my appeal with potential employers in the tech transfer field. I will now move on to a Licensing Associate’s position at Tufts University where I will learn more on the three components of technology transfer – science, business and legal. It is my hope that this experience will enrich my passion for technology evaluation and commercialization, consequently leading me to greater opportunities in the future.

Thank you to everybody at TSL for playing an important role in this transition”

– Travis D’Cruz

“Travis has made significant contributions in the short period he was able to join us. He was very engaged and always had great input to share on the projects he was involved in. Travis not only contributed to the IIR Program internally, but helped spread awareness of the IIR Program with his peers. We sincerely wish him the best with his new position as a Licensing Associate at Tufts University in Boston and thank you for your hard work.”

– Scott Phillips

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