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Engineers, get out of the building!

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go here The SearchLite recently shared some of our projects with graduate students at Michigan State University’s School of Engineering. Several of our Innovators-in-Residence are from MSU, so we wanted to share our knowledge from our Market Discovery Challenges with fellow Spartans and hoped to expand our community at MSU.

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Internet innovations are constantly visible in our daily lives and life science innovations are reported by mass media, but  engineering-based innovations are often neglected by the mass public and is only known to  a selective small portion of people, even though the number of physical science innovations is  comparable  to that of  internet and life science innovations. Even viewing The SearchLite projects on our website, you will see many imaginative innovations and state-of-the-art concepts, such as the Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, Smart City and many more. For academics in transition, the career opportunities  in these areas is ever-expanding due to the fast pace of technological advancements, and through this event, students became familiar with concepts such as the Internet of Things, Bio-Based Economy, Medical device trends.

As a research company for early stage innovations, The SearchLite has opportunities to hear first-hand about the most advanced technologies in the world and to research their markets. We continuously like to invite more professionals to share in our excitement about this ever-expanding field of technological development.

As Scott explained the new technologies and concepts in the context of The SearchLite’s Market Discovery Challenge (MDC) projects, the students showed interest and proceeded to ask us questions about the Innovators-in-Residence program and projects.

To top off our event, we held a Q&A session where some participants received a small token of our appreciation. For those who didn’t receive a gift, there’s always next time!

Through hosting events like like this our ultimate goal is to inspire academics to broaden their career development goals, and through the presentation of real life projects we hope to demonstrate how engineering innovations are making the world a better place.

 NOTE: If you would like to know more about the Market Discovery Challenges, we are continuously engaging in new ones all the time with our Innovators-in-Residence! Check out our MDCs!

(Edited by Christy Song)

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