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December, 2015 Newsletter







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Happy Holidays from The SearchLite to you and your loved ones! This season is a time full of merriment, good food, better company, and warm carols. But, did you know that the famous “Jingle Bells” was composed in 1857 as a song for Thanksgiving and not for Christmas. Who knew?! Beyond this fun fact we have exciting news to share with you for the month of December.

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– Christy Song



Table of Contents

In this issue…

i.  News to Know 

ii.  New projects 

iii. News and Events

iv. IIR Spotlight


News to Know

The SearchLite Recently hosted a NIH Best Career Panel Discussion at MSU!

Students from the MSU BEST Program and Wayne State University BEST Program participated in the career panel. Check out this post for more details about the event!  

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New Projects:

What we’re working on…


Audiar Project

Lead Catalyst: Hui
IIRs: Andrew, Supriya, Ushma, Samhitha
Summary: Our client has developed a novel and innovative concept to: (1) Provide steering audio effects in real time for a variety of applications; (2) Create a new timing of an effect and also to give a direct haptic feedback about the amount of the change. 



News and Events:

Stay up to date on TSL’s latest news!


The SearchLite Recently hosted a NIH BEST Career Panel Discussion @ MSU!


The panel at this informational event featured three speakers and focused on career opportunities in Life Sciences for PhD Candidates and Post Docs. Job creation in Life Sciences was one of the topics talked about at this event. Students from the MSU BEST Program and Wayne State University BEST Program participated in the career panel. Check out this post for more details about the event!


Interact with us on Social Media


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TSL Welcomes our new IIRs!  


Please welcome Charles LuHuai-Ning Chang and Luyao Mao, and check out their profiles. We look forward to working with you and are excited to see our IIR community grow!


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Suvey Reminder

If you have any suggestions or feedback about the IIR program, please take the time to fill this survey out. It will greatly help us improve the program and will give us feedback on what is and is not working. We look forward to receiving your responses!

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Course Completion


As all of you know, the Learning Management System is a crucial part of the IIR experience and we strongly encourage our innovators to participate. It is an easy and fast way to become aware of what exactly The SearchLite does and what terminology we are using and why. Several IIRS have shown outstanding performance and have completed all of the courses to date on our new Learning Management System. We applaud you for your achievements!



Innovator-in-Residence Spotlight:

An IIR that has gone above and beyond…


“For the Market Discovery project on Smart Devices in Factory Automations, Prianca perfectly identified numerous key industry experts and contributed excellent pieces of information through secondary research. Her findings from literature helped us to identify 2 industry trends, which the client was not aware of before and one of whch had a direct impact on the product strategy.”

– Ksenia

“Coming from an academic research background, my experience with The SearchLite exposed me to multiple facets of market discovery challenges, and helped broaden my knowledge of current industry trends with respect to the internet of things. I enjoy TSL’s positive nurturing environment which allows me to learn and grow in my career.”

– Prianca

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