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Did you know that October is national chili month? I don’t know if whoever came up with this was trying to be punny, but it sure is the month where chilly is almost not adequate enough to describe the weather. Before the weather turns too cold we have some news that may warm you up!
– Christy

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Thank you MSU for inviting The SearchLite to participate in the Science Connect event!



Scott Phillips and Visha Krishnan had the opportunity to attend an event held by Michigan State University: Science Connect for Graduate Students, Postdocs, and Employers. At the event Scott and Visha were able to share with attendees information about what The SearchLite does and how the Innovator-in-Residence program would be beneficial for those individuals at the event who were interested in transitioning out of academia, wanted to start a startup, or wanted to change career paths into a consulting, marketing research field. Amidst a crowd of interested students, Dhanashree Moghe – one of our current Innovators-in-Residence, shared her personal experience working as an IIR and how the program benefitted her career path and work experience.

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Launchpad at Wayne State & Walsh College

blackstoneI recently had the opportunity to sit in on a brainstorming session at Automation Alley in Troy, MI that was focused on Blackstone Launchpad programs at Wayne State University and Walsh College.
walshThe session was facilitated by Dom Holmes from Automation Alley and Pavan Muzumdar from PCS Insight.  The brainstorming event included student let startups as well as commercialization coaches and other advisors.  Carol Glynn is the Director of the Walsh College LaunchPad Program and Jason Beale is the Project Coordinator for the Wayne State University Blackstone LaunchPad Program.  It was impressive to watch each of them coach the student and faculty led startups.

I also unnamedcontinue to be impressed by Automation Alley and the breadth of their reach within the SouthEast Michigan Business Community and also their recent focus on entrepreneurial startups and second stage entrepreneurs with their Seven C’s Program.  Tom Kelly, Dom Holmes, Ted Williams and Pavan Muzumdar have really put a lot of thought into the needs of startups and second stage companies.  They recently engaged The SearchLite to conduct a Customer Validation Assessment to pinpoint the nature of second stage entrepreneurial needs and how Automation Alley can be accessible and effective in addressing those needs.

Automation Alley has tremendous resources and facilities automation alley logothat have been developed over many years and I am impressed at their willingness to team with other entrepreneurial organizations such as the LaunchPad Programs at Wayne State University and Walsh College, the Michigan Small Business Development Center (SBDC) and many other organizations.  I strongly encourage any startup or second stage entrepreneur who is looking for a place to start with when looking for assistance, to start with Automation Alley.

When life gives you a little more than you can handle…Time Management

When life gives you a little more than you can handle…Time Management

time managementphoto cred: Sykes

Unlike academia, where you have frequent meetings with peers and guiding professors, it’s easy to get caught up with individual responsibilities in the corporate world. Do you…Ever have questions on your mind that are left unanswered? Do you feel alone and without guidance? Or do you feel like you don’t really know who you’re working with? Although it’s not the Holy Grail, groups like The SearchLite’s Innovator-In-Residence Focus Group can be a great source of information. TSL recently launched our first session on October 5th and we had a blast! We focused on the topic of Time Management as it is a very common struggle for anyone – whether in Academia or Industry. Courses from reliable sources including: Coursera, Lynda, and Alison, do exist with suggestions and guidance on how to best manage time, but the best ideas can come from casual conversation.

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Transitioning From Academia to Startup

“If you can’t get excited about your own work and convey that, no one else will either.”: Transitioning from Academia to Startup.

Insights from two academic researchers who have made the leap



So you want to transition from academia to startup? Don’t think you can handle this or does this sound a little too ambitious for you? We’ve found a couple of these ambitious people to tell you from first hand experience that with hard work, aspiration, and drive it is indeed possible! Qi Zhang, co-founder of Rational Bananas, is one of our own Innovators-in-Residence at The SearchLite. He is a PhD candidate in life science at the University of Michigan and is currently studying how a circadian clock regulates daily feeding patterns by looking into the feeding behavior the genetically modified fruit flies. Daniel Johnson founded Exo Dynamics and received his M.S. and Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from the University of Michigan and is currently working on his post-doctorate while teaching engineering design as part of the multidisciplinary design program (MDP) at U of M.

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