March 2015

10 Principles of Organization Design

These fundamental guidelines, drawn from experience, can help you reshape your organization to fit your business strategy.


Don’t know how to make your company’s organization fit with your business strategy? Here are 10 guiding principles of organization design that apply to every company! 

Michigan Graduate Consulting Club – Case Study Competition

Michigan Graduate Consulting ClubThe Michigan Graduate Consulting Club is holding their first annual follow url Case Competition hosted by MGCC is scheduled for April 3rd 2015 on the Michigan Campus. Graduate, professional students (PhD, MD, JD, MBA) and postdoctoral fellows from the Midwest region were invited to participate.

Participating teams chose from one of two opportunities to compete. 1) The case composition and 2) the case presentation.  This type of event is an excellent opportunity for graduate and postdoctoral fellows who are in transition from academia to industry or consulting.  The event helps individuals and team develop the skills necessary to develop and present solutions to an exciting real-world business problem.

First prize for the written case composition is $1000 and First prize for the normal case composition is $500.

Michigan Graduate Consulting ClubThe  order Lyrica samples Michigan Graduate Consulting Club (MGCC ) aims to support University of Michigan graduate students and post docs interested in pursuing the management consulting industry as a career. To this end, we host different events including weekly case practice meetings, company info sessions, and soon our annual case competition. We also provide resources and personal development services that are necessary for success in consulting interviews.

The SearchLite is a sponsor of the event along with Boston Consulting and Roland Burger Consultants.  Scott Phillips, CEO and Founder of The SearchLite will participage on the final judges panel.

SearchLite helps Na4B Battery win NSF SBIR Phase II Grant Award


The email subject line said “Award Id: 1456207, PI: Jansohn”. Monika Jansohn from Rochester Hills, Michigan had been waiting for this email for weeks as the notification timeline from the NSF regarding her SBIR Phase II Award for Na4B Battery had come and gone. Having gained the courage to open the email, Monika was greeted by the great news that Na4B was successfully awarded their NSF Phase II SBIR Grant for their continuing development of a Multi-Layer Ceramic Electrolyte Membrane (ML-CEM) for sodium batteries.

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Growth Hacking 101: Product Market Fit

Apostle Mengouis does a good job of connecting Product Market Fit Metrics with early stage Customer Discovery and the implications for cash burn.

He emphasizes the importance of keeping burn rate as low as possible while iterating towards achieving Product Market Fit. Some level of preliminary value proposition iteration and sign up flow optimization is necessary to establish some early traffic but then the focus should quickly shift towards measuring product/market fit before anything else. You typically know when you achieve product/market fit but metrics help you measure and hopefully get you there faster. Now that my preliminary value proposition, sign up flow, MVP, and early traffic channels are *mostly* in place, the next step will be optimizing for user gratification and putting metrics in place to measure product/market fit.

This is the 2nd part of the Growth Hacking 101 series. This article emphasizes on tools, techniques and hacks that Growth Hacking Marketers use excessively.


TSL Community Newsletter March ’15 Edition

The SearchLite

The Community Monthly Newsletter

Amidst a brutal winter, or shall we refer to is as the “arctic blast,” everything seems to have frozen over to a standstill – that is everything except for The SearchLite. We have made significant progress within the past month and are excited to share our latest news with you.

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